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A platform aimed at revolutionizing the relationship between Gamers and Game Developers by creating memorable engagements through playing games.

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What Xyabot has bought for you?

An amazing platform to get a lot of worth out of your efforts, skills and time invested in Gaming.

Gamer Profile

Create your own Gamer Profile and track progress of all your games at one place.

Achieve & Earn

Unlock all Achievments of your favorite games and earn valuable Xyabot Points.

Invite and Challenge

Invite your friends, challenge them and steal their Xyabot Points against your super gaming skills.

Redeem Your Earnings

Get real life rewards for all your earnings in Xyabot.

The best way to show off your gaming skills and get popular.

Xyabot is a platform where you can showcase your gaming skills, convert your time invested in games in real life rewards, get socialize with other gamers and get popular for you achievements.

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Xyabot's Team

Meet the X.Y.A.B of Xyabot

Paras Botadra

Co-Founder, Executive Head

Hargobind Gupta

Co-Founder, Techincal Head

Hemant Verma

Co-Founder, Marketing Head


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